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  • 35 Takhti

    Excellent way to revise your Gurmukhi alphabets along with their pronunciations.
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    Now learn Gurmukhi Laga Matra (vowels) with an exciting game.
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    Aao Ginti Sikhiye

    Learning counting in Punjabi is now very exciting with this interactive game.
  • Aao Punjabi Sikhiye

    This entertaining game teaches children the right order of the 35 Gurmukhi alphabets.
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    Akhar Bodh

    Akhar Bodh is an interactive game to teach Gurmukhi 35 Akhar to children.
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    Arrange the Letters

    This game aims at teaching basic Punjabi vocabulary along with spelling of words.
  • Drop the letter

    Drag and drop the correct beginning letters of each object to the center, over the object.
  • Akhar Pachano

    A set of different games designed to enable children to identify and distinguish between various Gurmukhi letters.


  • Mera Pinda

    Mera Pinda is an educational and entertaining game specially designed to teach body parts to kids.
  • Color Mix

    With Color Mix our kids can name colors in chaste Punjabi which they learn in a playful manner.
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    Tick Ticky

    Playing with Clock is an innovative game to cultivate the concept of time in children both in English and Punjabi.
  • Akaar De Naam

    Learning names of Shapes in Punjabi with real life examples of the occurrence of the shapes in day to day use.
  • Hafte De Din

    Teach children the days of the week in a fun and playful manner.
  • Learn Counting

    This educational and entertaining app is specially designed to teach Gurmukhi counting to kids.
  • Mahine ate Mausam

    Teaches children the months and seasons of the year in a fun and playful manner.
  • Ginti Di khed

    "Ginti di khed" is unique app where kids join dots to reveal pictures of animals in the bargain end up learning Punjabi counting!!
  • Means of Transport

    Colorful graphics, aptly supported with catchy sounds, gradually reveal the transportation mode with gentle taps on screen...

Fun Fun

  • Aao Antar Labhiye

    Aao Antar Labhiye game has been developed to increase the power of observation in children.
  • Rang Bujho

    This game teaches children to recognize various colors in Punjabi and segregate objects.
  • Libaas

    Playing with Dresses helps kids to learn the right sense of dressing up for various themes in a fun way.
  • Tap and color

    This unique coloring game has been designed to help kids enjoy and be creative at the same time.
  • Vastu Di Bhaal

    Improve children's observation skills and reflexes through this special game designed for Kids.
  • Ghuma Ghuma Chittar Bna

    A unique puzzle loaded with pictures, scenes and music from Vismaad movies.